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Content Marketing : A whole new World

Content marketing is a great way to get people talking about your products, your services, and your company. Content marketing is also a great way to engage your customers and maybe even create a community. (Plus, you can always use the resulting SEO boost.)

But if you’re new to content marketing, where should you start?

content marketing

Let me tell you a story, you see my brother was also stuck here with where and how with all sorts of a rapid-fire round of questions with no answers then.

Having a bakery shop and having a website of it too because of the pandemic, now how to move forward from here. With so much competition and everyone online, how will you stand out and sort by many?

Now you have to let everyone know what is unique about you, your goal and who your audiences are. That where I come to the rescue, least I could do for my brother with some extra demands from him (just some extra expense he has to do for his sister, story for some other time) but for you all, it’s free no worry.


How is content created?

Your goal in content creation should not be to close sales; It should be to build trust. Creating content that helps inform and educate turns has the power to turn you into a thought leader — and not just with potential buyers.   People who trust you will want to work with you and will like you even if they don’t. Sales opportunities are a byproduct of producing helpful and thoughtful content.

So for my brother, I first recorded the full process of baking a cake so that everyone can see how the indigent is, how the actual process looks so that trust is built on the product we are making. I can make it as attractive as it can be or make it as simple as it was your way or highway.


1. Define Your Content Marketing Goal

Before you look at what you’re going to create, you need to answer why you’re making it.

Best-selling author, prolific marketer, and entrepreneur Seth Godin explains the importance of understanding you’re why early on.

“You have the freedom to make these choices at the beginning when they’re free, fast, and easy. Not later on when you’ve made commitments to other people and yourself.”


2. Research and Understand Your Audience

Once you have a clear connection to why you’re making content, the next step in building out your content marketing is to understand exactly who is going to see, hear, or watch the content you create.

While you don’t want your ideal audience to be too broad and diverse, especially in the early days of your business (readers might get confused about who your solution is for). However, as long as you understand who your audience is and go through this step you can create great content for them.

As for the bakery shop, the audience can be in variety from foodie to bakers and who just love sweets. Now understanding my audience will give direction to me as to what I should include in my content and how to promote it.


3. Set Up Your Blog (If You Don’t Have One Already)

It’s time to move from the tactical to the technical part of your content marketing.

If you haven’t set up a blog or found a place to host the content you’re going to create, now is the time. The good news? You’ve got options.

Luckily, there are tons of great (and easy) options for setting up your own website that go from ready-to-use platforms to fully customizable templates.


4. Decide Which Format of Content You Want to Produce

Blog posts, videos, podcasts, infographicsthey all have their place in your content strategy and it’s up to you how you use them. What’s non-negotiable, however, is that they tell a story.  Blogging or video as content marketing.  Pick your topic or niche.  Gather your tools. Upload and promote!

Now you see there can be an endless list of all about content, but you have to see what works for you and how you do it. I have to keep experimenting, executing, and then moving on with just a bakery shop to see what works and what else can be added to it.

I have done my work now it’s your turn to do yous, so what are you going to do is the only thing that matters now. And remember, successful content marketing begins and ends with focusing on being helpful and building trust.

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