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An Agathokakological -Social Media Marketing

(Agathokakological – consist of both good and evil)

Social Media Marketing simply insists on using social media platforms to promote different products and services albeit digital marketing is the umbrella term often used by practitioners, researchers, and academicians but now more emphasis is being put on social media marketing.


Social media marketing

The question comes WHY?

Well, as we know and seeing the global penetration of the internet more and more users are getting connected and making this world a better place to live and when it comes to media consumption of Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, Boomers, and Matures they rely on the existing social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Wechat, Linkedin …… the list if not endless then not short too.

The research shows that most successful companies are those who are more receptive to their consumers and well how in this 21st age it is possible to be so specific in your search and yet very effective in measuring the efforts being carried out.

The firms that keep themselves engaged and active on social media handles often get benefitted from its benedictions while those who do not keep themselves engaged with their consumers are found to be struggling.


Social media marketing

Now, let’s dive in a little deeper,

So folks let’s understand how social media exemplifies its strength in leveraging your business. So when a business starts its journey on Facebook one of the most used social media platforms it has a different strategy in play to create customer engagements, generating more awareness, and content tries to be the food of the day for the users who are consuming.

But at times, the strategy goes south pheww……!!! Is it getting technical..? Don’t worry let’s understand it in an easy way so not all the social media platforms are made for every business.

Yes, you heard it right! For Instance, the steel manufacturing industries have fewer chances of finding their customers on Snapchat!!! Heck yes (:

While the e-commerce industry requires a higher presence on this platform and you would be amazed to know that Myntra an e-commerce platform is so aggressively investing in these platforms that it wants to become “Facebook of fashion” sounds really cool isn’t it?

It is very crucial to understand the impact of social media on your business and when I say this I mean seriously it could actually help you triple your sales in a very short period than traditional ones if used the right targeting and strategies.

So now comes the question about How to decide the presence? I mean where are my consumers?

So to understand this better here comes the role of extensive research about how to know where is my targeted consumer? where I can potentially grow myself?

To answer it, you certainly have to, first of all, understand the nature of the industry you’re in and then you go about segmenting the market fitting yourself, and targeting the meantone.

The analogy says  “killing two birds with one stone” and to use that stone wisely you have to fact-check otherwise you will fall in the grey area neither white nor black.

Take a wise step as you should be very clear about your objective you wish to achieve and then comes the selection of platform whether one, two, or all?

What goes great for me and what could possibly leave me hurt?

Social Media Marketing is a burning need and very advantageous only if used the right approach to understand the nitty-gritty……..!!!!

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Until then, Take care and Keep Safe!

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