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Future in Digital Marketing: Bright, brighter or brightest?

When the world was suffering through a pandemic, something new and very essential took birth in the world of marketing called ‘Digital Marketing’. This term is no stranger to any of us now. Especially small business owners and students learning digital marketing. After observing its popularity in the present scenario, we can only imagine how much it will be recognized in the future. It may not be the only way, but one of the most successful ways to do marketing.

Digital Marketing

Social Media– Digital marketing is predicted to be successful because it uses social media like Instagram where half of the world spends most of its time. Social media is the only place where no one is alone. Brilliant people are marketing their products in a way that the audience finds attractive. And the most important thing of all, we just have to be creative. Every one of us has seen ads on Instagram or Facebook which we find attractive that we won’t even go ahead and inquire about the quality but we will buy the product. Digital marketing will be a crucial tool in marketing and its future is bright because everyone uses social media and it’s easy to do marketing there.                                                                                                

Time changes: we all remember many memories from our childhood, and one of them was the salesman/saleswoman coming to our door and selling their respective product to our mother or the person present there at the moment. But can we even think of the same thing happening on today’s date? And that too while the world is suffering through a pandemic?! We can only think of no as an answer. It is an outdated method. To persuade the customer, luring them into buying the product. Showing them demos of their products. It was interesting and people still do it but they can’t go on for forever when they will learn about how easy working through digital marketing is and how they can work on something else for a while than roaming the streets in bright hot noon sun and knocking on about a thousand doors. They can just have a cup of coffee, sit in the comfort of their house, and work. Their businesses will flourish a double rate than before and they will recognize the power of digital marketing.

Connecting peopleAs the title itself suggests Digital in the word digital marketing we can easily understand how easy it is to make connections to foreign countries. Small town businessmen/businesswomen can expand their businesses. People from faraway lands will get to know of their brilliant works. And in a land like India, numerous businesses are making handmade products that are in demand in the West. Moreover, if we overlook the concept of marketing here, people will learn new things and will be able to educate themselves.

If we take an example of the online portal ScoopWhoop it was started by Sattvik Mishra and 5 others in August 2013 in Delhi. But the way they were writing their content and posting it on social media made them start overnight. Everyone in the country is a fan of the content that this web portal is generating. They are completely accomplished on social media today with more than 1000 likes on each post.


Concluding, Digital marketing in the future will be more popular in the future and there is no question about it. It has all pros and no cons, and it attracts more customers than usual so why won’t people use it!

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