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How did I go from just reading Harry Potter to buying the merch

We all love Harry Potter books and films. They give a chance to enter the world of fantasy. And let’s agree, we all want to escape from something or the other in life. While I was reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire one day, I felt the need to check Instagram. I was scrolling and scrolling and scrolling when I saw this advertisement. I was completely in awe and just couldn’t take my eyes off that advertisement of Harry Potter wands and diaries. I couldn’t stop myself but imagine a wand in my hand, performing spells. I would’ve never thought that I could buy the wands. I went on searching more about harry Potter merchandise and I was unstoppable. I HAD to buy them.

This incident made me a question; how did Instagram know I like Harry Potter? What was in the advertisement that invoked the feeling of “I must have it”? Well, Well, let’s find out…!

harry potter merchandise


Many aspects affect the art of persuasion and invoking the feeling of “I must have it” in the customer. Following are some of the few important ones to mention:


This word is not new nowadays. Aesthetics are concerned with beauty or appreciating it. It can be simplified by saying, organizing your products in a manner that makes them look appealing. In the picture above we can see how very persuading it is, just the way they have organized it. The color combinations. Honestly, I want to buy it now. The product should look good and the background is important too. Here, in the picture, we can see a candle and a beautifully contrasting white-brown-golden-blue combination. It wants us to keep looking at the picture.


It is important to write an appropriate caption. If you make a spelling mistake, a customer might lose interest. Try to avoid typos. Now, it is also very important to check the words you are using. Sometimes, the words we write do not match the ‘vibe’ your product is sending. It might get a little odd. So, use words that will make the customer feel connected to the product.

Colour combinations:

This comes under aesthetics but it has greater importance. If you look at a picture and you find some colors which make your eyeballs want to pop like Mad-Eye Moody’s, you might not even try to look at the product, let alone buying it. There is a use of neon colors, but we need an understanding of how to make it look better. The picture should not look like it’s in desperate need of attention, but look poised. Make the customers want the product. Let them come to you.

Providing Information:

Now, this is a problem few some websites or advertisements, especially on the Instagram face. There are advertisements just posting the picture without letting the customer know the price of the product or even the website link from where it can be bought separately. The customer can get frustrated and give up trying and even tell few other people about the misconduct. We can never be too careful here. Give every information possible like if it is a garment write the size or add the option of ‘size guide’ on your website.

These are not the only ways through which you can get more audience or customers. Remember, quality matters more than looks. These are just a few of many things you can keep in mind when marketing for your product. So, use your magic, Witches/Wizards!

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