Unpaid Internships? Is it a Scam or not? – Hoxlp Review

Are you confused about Hoxlp (www.hoxlp.com) being a scam or a legit website? Let me drive you through my experience with Hoxlp Recruiting and Staffing.

I was a graduate when I reached out to Hoxlp. I was searching for internships but pandemic made it difficult for me to build relationships and get one. I contacted Hoxlp and they described to me the procedure of application.

I registered with them with a minimal fee (which is common in the case of agencies as obviously, it isn’t a charity). They took all my professional details and asked my preference about the field of internship. Then, they told me about the options available for the internship. I found out one option that was most suitable for me.

I applied for the company and Hoxlp took just a small bonus amount from me from the internship stipend as they provided my reference and the hoxlp recruitment review team facilitated the whole procedure (Trust me, this amount was way smaller than what other company’s charge).

The internship was for 3 months, and it went smoothly. The overall experience was really nice working with Hoxlp. The team is great and I am looking to rely on them in future as well.

I guess you might have got the answer to your question of whether Hoxlp Recruitment is an Unpaid intern scam or not!

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Hoxlp Recruitment and Staffing Link Hoxlp Website – https://www.hoxlp.com/

Hoxlp Social Media Links

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/company/hoxlp-recruitment/

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/hoxlprecruitment/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/hoxlp

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/hoxlprecruitment/

*This hoxlp review is posted by Olance on behalf of Kunal Khanna, a student of Hoxlp Recruitment and Staffing.

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